Monday, December 14, 2015

If I Could...

Sometimes I wish I could go back and time so that I could make the right choice and not have to deal with the outcome I have found myself in. Then, I think, no, this is supposed to happen and I will grow from this. Now, don't get me wrong, it takes a while to get to that point. I think everyone has that struggle. It seems like an easy out when the body is weary and the eyes are puffy from tears. Life isn't easy, though. It is supposed to help us become better and stronger and realize our weaknesses. When we are not being humble, God humbles us and helps us chip off some of the bad parts of us to become a little better each day.

Sometimes it feels like a hammer on our heart has shattered everything who we are but we can find peace. Sometimes it is a little thing that seems big because it's the last thing to be given us but we can find peace. Sometimes it seems it won't end and that the future will be shattered because of it but we can find peace.

Although life may not go as we plan, God knows what He wants us to be and how to get us there. That will usually change our plans of how we want our life to turn out.

I know that's how it always is for me.

Sometimes it hurts more than we think we can bear. Then, when we think we can't hold on any longer, God brings peace, if we are willing to go to Him. Christ is the Prince of Peace. He told the storm, "Peace, be still." He tells us to "Be still and know that [He is] God."

I know He is there and will give us peace and rest from our trials and struggles when we look to Him.

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