Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blessings of Life

It has been months since I have thought about blogging. Sam and I have celebrated a year of marriage. I am a third grade teacher for my last year at BYU. Life has been really good, which is probably why I haven't thought of  typing here. Tonight, as I try to fall asleep and sleep escapes me, I have been reflecting on my blessings. I have not had a serious migraine in a long time (as in months). I have 21 children that give me the best and worst days possible. I have wonderful coworkers that help me through the worst days. I have a sweet husband who cooks and cleans for me when I don't have time and has a shoulder and loving arms when tears roll down my cheeks. I feel so blessed. It doesn't make me a little nervous because life has been really good the past few months but I will enjoy these blessings while I can. 

Another thought I have had is how people enter our lives for a reason. I have seen friends come and go and come back again, or probably will never return, and that has led me to reflect on their purpose in my life. Some relationships have been good and taught me how to be a better person and other have ended poorly which have taught me to be careful and be grateful for what I have. Everyone has agency which can be difficult to accept when we think we are right. I am so grateful that I know God has a plan for me and I do not have to always know the right answer or who is in the right/wrong. 

So, that was a jumble of thoughts before I sleep. I'm still dwelling in them but need to rest my head so good night. And Merry Christmas. 

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