Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventures Begin

My fortune from dinner.
It was quite the laugh due to inside jokes.
Well, the first week of school was crazy and full of a lot of homework but, the weekend was filled with a lot of great bonding moments. After having so much homework, I was scared I would not be able to spend time with human beings again! [alright... slight exaggeration there....] Well, that changed starting Thursday Night. Since I did not invest into a pass to the sports games, I thought I'd be home alone doing homework. Well, turns out, another roommate also did not make this investment and another simply did not want to go because of the late hour. This turned into pancakes&movie night. It was so much fun to laugh and get to know my roommates a little better. Since we all went for random, we were all nervous to move in. It has turned out to be such a blessing, however. We had a "Hen's Night Out" as it turned out being called, where we had dinner, went shopping at super cheap stores trying to find stuff for our apt, got dessert, and watched a movie. It was such a blast! We met random people that gave us some great quotes (such as the title of our evening) and had fun making one roommate try on a total 80's wedding dress. So much fun! After thinking back to how nervous I had been about moving in, it was such a relief to feel such a close bond with these beautiful daughters of God. We are all very different but, all share a love of Christ and of doing some pretty crazy, random things. It is wonderful.

Along with this bonding, I met up with some friends from my freshman year and did random stuff from going to a grocery store for potato chips to going to a park to crashing someone's apt and watching them break into said apt. It was great! Yes, freshman year is over but, the friendships acquired will last forever. We can still do crazy things but, we are all growing up which is important. Reflecting on our past was great but, it was also really neat to see how much we have all grown up within one year. We went from being crazy freshman to crazy sophomores.

~Life is one crazy adventure.~

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