Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moved In & Ready to Begin

Well, I am back at college and so much as happened! I got all moved in and got rid of all the extra stuff I was just holding on to as my security blanket. It felt great to get rid of stuff I don't use or even care about anymore. I was surprised when I moved in how small my bedroom is. I mean, yes, it's a good size for a college kid but, I just have to be super organized so I don't take over the room. hehe Also, I used to have to "jump into bed" when I lived in the dorms but, now, I literally have to JUMP to get into bed. It comes up above my stomach! I have not had a bed this tall/taller since I was a kid! I mean.... I still am a kid.... I'm referring to when I was not a teenager.... there. So, as I was saying, I got all moved in and I was a little shocked to find what I did. After moving in, I began being a Y-group leader for NSO. Seriously- I was not super excited at first because I was nervous. How could I help freshman feel welcome to college when I was still finding out stuff for myself? Well, it worked out. I have loved seeing my group. They are all so fun and neat people. I have been blessed by getting to know them. Who knew you could find so much joy and peace in befriending Freshman? I think this has made the start of my sophomore year the best it could be. Sure, I'm not meeting people I live near as well yet but, I have the whole school year to do that. Working with the freshman reminds me of my freshman year and all the great people I met and the wonderful learning experiences I had. College is a great time of learning and growth. It is amazing how much you find yourself when you leave home. Well, with the last night of NSO is tonight and then, the school year will begin. I cannot wait. Let's see what the year holds in store for me!

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