Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Ready to Return

This was me at school before I came home... this isn't everything... 
Well, the countdown for Utah is 16 days. I'm trying to get everything in order before I fly back to the land of no humidity and more Mormons [Latter-Day Saints] then you could imagine. Today I found out my new roommates for this next year. After getting to chat via facebook, I must say, I am even more excited to return to school. The only thing I'm nervous about is moving. Sadly, I've accumulated a lot of stuff in my life and, being a bit of a pack rat, I like to keep it with me but, a dorm does not fit all of it. I am now trying to mentally go through everything I own between here and Utah and figure out what I can throw away/donate and what I cannot live without. Some things I know I'll need to keep to cook/eat and keep good hygiene but, trying to remember all my clothes right now is proving to be difficult since I'm used to only wearing what I have with me plus some of my sibling's clothes. Sometimes it is hard being a girl and trying to look cute and feel good about yourself when it seems you have too much but, if you get rid of anything you feel you'll have nothing. Well, it is time to start changing my mind set and getting ready to go on an adventure of going through all the boxes/bags/baskets/crates/etc in 16+ days. This will be tough (especially when I thought I'd have an apartment to myself for a few days to do it)  but, it is possible and I can do it. Who knew growing up could be so tough? haha Well, I am exhausted and should get some shut eye before another day of babysitting and another day of adventure begins. Good night World. Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite & sweet dreams.

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