Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reflections on My Summer

Well, this summer has been filled to the brim with learning opportunities. Looking back, I realized I did a lot of babysitting and other "sitting" jobs. I also had a lot of personal reflection time and personal growth. I've realized, even though I did not get an official "job." I had the best job ever. I got the best of both worlds, so to speak, as being a babysitter. Let me explain:

As a babysitter, I got to have the learning and practicing all in the same environment. Some of the things I've learned have been: unless they're not ticklish, kids have the same tickle spots( and there are several of them), not all kids in a family like the same things (I knew this  but, it was a nice refresher), I learned tricks to get kids to be more well behaved about getting things done and how to prepare them for things they don't like to do. Just like adults, kids don't quite like surprises. I learned some really neat toys and activities exist such as colored dots instead of number coloring pages. I learned a lot more but, I'll stop there. It was a great blessing to learn more about being a parent and having plenty of practice to try and "prefect" those techniques.

Another awesome part about my job? I got to go into some beautiful houses and see how they decorate to get ideas for my own future home some day. Who doesn't like seeing new ideas for arranging your furniture or how you set up little things such as instruments??? At one house, they had their instruments able to hang up nicely so they looked more like pictures of antiques but, they really play them! No bulky cases lying around in the front room!

Lastly, the kids. I love kids and I have met some of the sweetest, cutest, craziest, laziest, hyperist, everything else "ist" this summer. It has been such a blessing to learn what works with what type of child. Some are content to play puzzles for hours while others need stuff to do every other five minutes.

What a summer. It has been hectic and I've had to learn a lot but, looking back, it could not have been better. As I drove to Institute tonight (evening adult church class once a week), I looked toward the horizon and saw the start of a sunset. It had been close to rain all day and I'd had a bit of a hectic day but, this was such a "light" to my day. I felt peace&love and thought of how the Lord works through small things and the beauty of life and the Lord's temples. It was a great experience and it helped me put myself in the right mood for a class full of inspiring messages.

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