Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time Spent with Mommy

Well, I'm down to two days until my flight back to Utah. So, what do I do? Aside from sitting around a lot, I've been watching the Anne of Green Gables movies with my mommy. [Yes, I still call my parents Mommy&Daddy] Well, after watching several hours of them, my mom and I started to think why we were just now doing this and why we didn't do this all summer. The answer? We were just too busy and didn't think of it. It has been amusing for me to see just how much I am like my mother. I had wondered where some of my attributes came from (such as my stubbornness :P ) and, I am now seeing it is from my mom. It's funny how for years I would look at other mother/daughter relationships and I didn't understand how their mom was their best friend. Now, I understand and I have found I love my mom more than ever. Same goes for my dad. It's funny how much you can learn and finally see in a summer when you're older. Parents do things because they love you and want you to have the best. They're there when you need them and I wouldn't change anything about them.

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