Thursday, February 12, 2015

When You Can't Sleep...

So I am laying in bed. It's 12:13 as I begin to type and my brain will not stop thinking. And the thoughts range from all sorts of topics. How do you calm your brain and make it agree with your heart so you can sleep?

So many thoughts.

Is the reason the things I want to work out that aren't because they are never supposed to or because I need to be patient? Are there people who have left my life that I should reach out to or are they meant to be out of my life now?

How do we know?

So many questions and no answers as my brain fights this never-ending battle against itself.

How to conquer it?

I may never know as I continue to toss and turn as I try to let sleep overtake all other senses so that I may have the energy I need in order to combat the struggles that face me tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Another day to come. Another set of challenges and blessings that I do not yet know. To sleep is necessary. Then why, oh brain, do you not let me rest? Please put the emotions on hold so that I may enjoy this night. You have released so much tension already. Any more and I will never rest. I am so tired. Please sleep. I know the smell of dinner still lingers in the apartment air but try to focus on the task at hand. Rest. Recuperate. Sleep. Dream. Imagine. Relax. Good night. 12:22. I am done. I give up and return to tossing and turning. You win mind. Farewell.

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