Tuesday, February 10, 2015

True Friends

This past weekend I took a trip with family and had not internet service. This gave me lots of reflecting time. One thing that I thought a lot about was friendship. I haven't lived very long but, I've lived long enough to watch friends come and go. Some have a special place in your heart and then they break it by leaving. Some always stay there even when you may try to leave them. Others have a mutual friendship that never ends. What causes these differences in friendships? Why do some not last and others last a life time? The answer I have come to think of is


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When someone changes, things around them change. I'm not the same person I was when I was in middle school. I am not in the same place. This has led to changes in me and in my friend circle. Even in the past 3 years of my college life friends have changed. I now have many friends in Ogden, UT and other places across the globe. I may pass an old friend on campus who no longer is such a close friend and we may acknowledge the other, we may not. Because I think a lot about the past and reflect on what people think of me, this has led to personal struggles of 'what did I do wrong?' 'why do we not talk?' 'how can I fix this?' but, frankly, it does not mean things have gone bad for either side, but rather, change has occurred. Maybe one day those friendships will come back, maybe not. The important thing is that we keep bettering ourselves and coming closer to Christ. He is who we want to become like and who understands us completely. He will never leave us. Only we can further ourselves from Him. He is the ultimate friend and brother who will never let us down. So, don't give up on Him because He is there to heal your broken heart when you feel it is too late. He is always there.

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