Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Can't Get it Out on Paper or into Words

Well, tonight, after finishing some homework that is due tomorrow, I was organizing some bookmarks and one that REALLY needed it was my "Youtube Videos" folder that was just full of videos I had found amusing or uplifting or were just of a song I liked.So, to make sure I wanted to keep all these bookmarks, I decided to watch a few and I noticed that a few were original songs which reminded me of the few videos I had published via youtube. This led me to wishing I could get the ideas I have in my head into words and be able to get them on paper or combined with music to get some thoughts out of my mind. With so much that has happened the the past few years, there are many ideas I've had for writing songs about but, I get self-conscious or they do not come out the way I want them to. This can be frustrating, of course, but, I think the hardest part about it is that there are things I want to express through music because I cannot do it with words but, they do not come out in either way. The question is: do I keep trying or just give up and let my mind continue to be filled with these thoughts? Guess we'll see...

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