Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Start to a New Year in Chicago

Well, I must say, this year has already begun with a bang! As a family, we took a trip to Chicago to go to the Science & Industry Museum. It was such a blast! They had "Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit" that, within itself, was quite neat. It was cool learning about the Peanuts and the characters. We also toured the Farm Tech, as usual, and visited the U-505, circus, Toymaker 3000, and a Brrr-thday party with liquid nitrogen. I think I've found out what kind of party I'd like for a birthday the next time I have one.... (hint hint) Just kidding. It would be fun but, also VERY expensive and have potential health hazards... Oh well. It was still fun.

After the museum, we went to Roy's for dinner and each had a nice small meal that made our taste buds melt. I did not know food could taste so good and neither did my siblings. Nor, have I ever been in such a nice bathroom! They had hair-ties, mints, a lint roller, lotion, etc. FOR FREE in the BATHROOM!!! Craziness...

Who knew so many memories could be made on the first day of a new year? Here's to many more to come in the year 2013.

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