Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crazy Run Just for some Enchiladas... :P

(turn your head upside down
to see this in an even cooler  way :) )
So, yesterday, after my first class, my lovely roommate gave me a lift to cost-co to do some grocery shopping. While shopping, I was picking up some stuff for a date that night where we were going to make enchiladas. While I was hunting through the crowded aisles of a LDS-infested Cost-co, I realized how unorganized it really is. I could not find a lot of things to save my life. Things I typically find the "dairy section" were not there and things I would think would be in the canned area were not there either. Sadly, I was not able to meet my hearts desires as I  ran around quickly. Then, we get back home and we have to run to our dorm so I can put away my food and run to my next class. Well, of course, we had a lot and it was quite heavy and no nice young men were there to help. Quite a tragedy, actually.... :P Oh well, my roommate is really strong and so she carried the heavy box. :) Then, a couple of my roommate put the food away for me since I had to run. It was so nice of them. :) Well, later that day/late evening, I went on a date where we made enchiladas [which were quite tasty if I may say so. :) ] and watched The Princess Bride. I think I laugh more and more as I watch that movie. So funny.
Well, today is another "I don't have any plans so why not do my hair and make-up" day. I guess I just got ready to do my homework. Sounds quite fantastic does it not? 

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