Monday, February 13, 2012

From the Bad Comes a lot of Good

So, last semester, I had a boy friend and after thinking we would stay friends it died and it really caused a lot of emotional trauma for me. I kept trying to forgive and forget but, it kept coming back to mind and, as soon as I finally said I was done with all the drama, he showed up to see some other people. I was really traumatized then. Well, this freak out led to becoming better friends with a lot of guys in my ward and a girl in my ward. This led to me hanging out at the guy's dorm more and making a lot of great friends and meet a lot of great people and have a ton of amazing adventures (see earlier posts :P ). Then, this same guy decided to visit his friends again this weekend. Well, I have found I am finally over all of that drama and feel great! Also, I was able to renew a friendship that has been fading because of the distance created by our different friend groups. We were able to connect and reminisce in the great times we have had. So, even though I know he will never read this, I thank him for the lessons I learned when we were dating and for all the great things that have come about from the drama it caused. My life has come to a great height since I have been able to meet new people and learn from that time in my life. Yes, it still hurts to think our friendship is ruined but, sometimes you have to lose friends to gain greater ones. I am grateful for what has happened in my life to make me stronger and become a better person today. So, thanks for helping me become better. :)

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