Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Interesting tale. Last night, I was sitting around with friends, (like I typically do at night) when the discussion of how we all met and what our first impressions were came up. There was a friend that I could not remember how we met even though he told me. I felt horrible! Well, since this bugged me so much, I kept trying to remember by playing with the details I had. Then, all of a sudden, after I had returned to my dorm, I remembered as though it had just happened or that I was reliving it. It was so bizarre. I could remember almost every detail. This had never happened to me before and so, it was quite a shock for me. It's funny how much memories mean when you get to know a person better even when, at the moment, you could have cared less if you remembered it 20 years, or even 6 months, later. I have found it is a lot of fun to remember how you met people. It makes your friendship seem even neater since, in the beginning, it might have just been a nice chat while waiting to meet with someone else. Life is such an interesting thing full of interesting moments. Nothing should ever be taken for granted, and yet, it usually is. Our bodies are so miraculous! The mind is so miraculous! Who would have though six months later I would be able to recall a memory so vividly as though it was reoccurring? Not me! Our Heavenly Father has given us so many wonderful things and I am so grateful for them. My life is such a blessing that I should never ever take for granted. The great education I am able to receive, my wonderful family that supports me, wonderful friends that help me become who I want to, experiences that help me learn and grow, and so many more gifts I can never say thank you enough for. Life is a miracle and I love it. 

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